Spring Break

Students need to enjoy their spring break, but at the same time take time to read.  If the weather is nice, let your child read outside.

Here are a few terms Grades 3-5 need to know.  Have your students practice these terms.

Synonyms-two or more words that mean almost the same thing.  Ex. happy-glad       Antonyms-two or more words that are opposite in meaning.  Ex. question-answer  Homophones-two or more words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and do not mean the same thing.  Ex. there, they’re, their

Prefixes-a group of letters added to the beginning of the word to change its meaning.  Examples:  disagree     prewrite     reorganize                                                                     Suffixes-a group of letters added at the end of the word to change its meaning.                    Examples:   careless   careful   quickly   stronger

Fifth Graders need to know common roots such as:

phono=sound      port= carry    aqua=water    graph=to write      auto=self     bio=life      ex=out   tri=three   meter=measure    micro=small    sub=under    geo=earth