The Spring Title 1 Program is April 28th beginning at 5:45.  Parents will have the opportunity to visit next year’s classroom to learn expectations of the 2015-2016 school year and then will see their students perform.

Spring Break

Students need to enjoy their spring break, but at the same time take time to read.  If the weather is nice, let your child read outside.

Here are a few terms Grades 3-5 need to know.  Have your students practice these terms.

Synonyms-two or more words that mean almost the same thing.  Ex. happy-glad       Antonyms-two or more words that are opposite in meaning.  Ex. question-answer  Homophones-two or more words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and do not mean the same thing.  Ex. there, they’re, their

Prefixes-a group of letters added to the beginning of the word to change its meaning.  Examples:  disagree     prewrite     reorganize                                                                     Suffixes-a group of letters added at the end of the word to change its meaning.                    Examples:   careless   careful   quickly   stronger

Fifth Graders need to know common roots such as:

phono=sound      port= carry    aqua=water    graph=to write      auto=self     bio=life      ex=out   tri=three   meter=measure    micro=small    sub=under    geo=earth

April is National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month.  Read poetry with your children and have your children make up their own poem.  Here is a quick poem frame your children can use to become a great poetry writer.

                  Who Am I?

I am scared when _______________________,                                                                 but I’m brave when ___________________.

I am sad when ________________________,                                                                         but I’m happy when __________________.

I am excited when ______________________,                                                                     but I’m calm when ___________________.

I am serious when __________________,                                                                          but I’m silly when ___________________.

My feelings are deep.                                                                                                           My feeling are wide.                                                                                                             My feeling flow side by side.

Poem Frame adapted from Scholastic, Inc.

March Reading Madness

March was reading month at BGE.  Our students read many books and met many challenges.  Randolph Macon College and Caroline High School athletes visited on March 17th; reading and playing activities with our students.  Many community volunteers read to our students on March 18th and throughout the month.  The Flying Squirrels mascot visited BGE encouraging students to read, and many students earned a free ticket to a Flying Squirrels game.  Our whole school read Mysteries According to Humphrey and our very own Humphrey visited classrooms throughout the month of March.  Through our many activities, students realized reading is a wonderful adventure.